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Winter Is Coming (July 16th 2017)

Yeah, I’m breaking my blog absence as I’m still laughing about this. So good news both to all George R.R. Martin fans, as well as those who love the Game […]

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Liebster Award Nomination! 1/3

Massive geeky love to Kim at Later Levels for my first Liebster nomination as well as to Kyle Kalbach from Geeks Play Games for my second Liebster Nomination and Paula […]

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Die for Valhalla! Demo Review

Historically, I’m not one to post too many game reviews, preferring to soak up everyone else’s opinions before making a purchase instead of contributing to the purchasing decisions of others, […]

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Million Dollar Idea #1

Mirrors in the tool aisles of all home improvement and hardware stores. Now hear me out on this.  I recently mentioned the fire-pit that The Hublet and I have built […]

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Blogging Brain Toot

I know it’s sucky to admit, but this week I hit a brick wall when trying to come up with blog content. It’s almost as if my brain is full […]

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Happy Obligation Day!

I’m pretty sure I summed up my thoughts on the matter back on February 14th 2012, so I’m simply going to link back to that bad boy as my thoughts […]

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Bookworming My Heart Out

I’ve always been a voracious reader and, when I’m in the reading zone, tend to have at least 3 different books on the go, and am eternally grateful to The […]