In addition to attempting to write my own blog, I follow a few blogs from others that I’ve chosen for content that’s either funny, geeky, informative, nostalgic, on-trend or heavily features cupcakes.  However, an automatic smile springs to my face whenever I receive a post update from Stephanie Sadler, aka the 10+ year career blogger who’s currently found on the site Little London Observationist (LLO).

She posts a lot of her own photos taken while out and about in London, as well as compiling selected images taken from contributors on Flickr, and has also opened up a Food & Drink category wherein she reviews some of London’s eateries.

My reasons for absolutely loving LLO are that for me it’s such a huge slice of home, evoking memories and experiences that are completely different to the way of life that I now live 4k miles away in Florida.  While I enjoy her photos of graffiti, art and random moments, and dearly love her collections of London’s buildings, it’s her shots of its inhabitants that move me the most as they capture the essence of the English and Londoners: from the hipsters, trend-setters and fashionistas to the weird, displaced and simply crazy.

People-watching was always one of the most enjoyable pleasures to engage in during the years I lived in London: either grabbing a coffee and a window seat at one of my boltholes in Muswell Hill or meeting up with friends in the Islington and Shoreditch areas, sitting down outside a cafe or bar and nursing a drink or two while we chatted and watched the world go by.

Here’s a shot I took a few years ago on Holywell Lane in the Shoreditch area.  It’s a huge piece by Ben Flynn aka Eine, a London artist who specialises in the form of letters, and who has got some serious air miles under his belt, leaving his concepts in cities all over the world.

What I find most interesting is that Stephanie is originally from New York and has been living in London since 2007, which leads me to believe that it takes someone who hasn’t been numbed to the sensory experiences that London offers, someone with unfiltered eyes who can accurately capture the visual delights contained within.  When I first moved there I was completely snap-happy with my camera, finding inspiration everywhere, however after a while I took less and less photos.  If you live in London for long enough you can stop noticing the buildings, cityscapes and characters that make up the intrinsic fabric of the city, and with time those unique things can start to fade into the background of daily life and begin to be considered commonplace.

This is why I love LLO as for me it’s like falling in love with London all over again.

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